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The Australian Light Armoured Vehicle is a high performance combat vehicle ideally suited to harsh terrain and vast distances. The eight wheel configuration gives a good off-road performance, whilst allowing it to move on road much faster than tracked vehicles.

    • Excellent mobility
    • 8 solid-core tyres work even when punctured
    • 25 mm electrically-powered gun
    • Up to 200 rounds per minute
    • Accurate up to 2.2 km
    • Thermal imaging, gun sights and night vision systems

  • WEIGHT: 13.2 tonnes
  • LENGTH: 6.53 m
  • WIDTH: 2.62 m
  • HEIGHT: 2.69 m
  • ENGINE: 275 hp (205kW) diesel
  • SUSPENSION: 8-wheel independent
  • SPEED: 100 km/h
  • CREW: 3
  • Stahl Metall Engineering is specialized in design, manufacture and distributing high performance Interconnect components, Cable assemblies / Control Systems, and Custom metalwork.

    We have worked within a wide range of industries, including Aerospace and Defence, Marine, Rail, Medical Equipment, Industrial Instrumentation, Measuring and testing devices, Broadcast, Telecommunication, Oil & Gas, and Subsea applications.

    Our products are known for their reliability, precision and resistance to demanding and harsh environments. Contact our Engineering Team Now!


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