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About us

Stahl Metall is Specialized in Engineering Design, Manufacture and Distributing of High Performance, High Reliability Cable Assembly, Electrical Control Systems, Interconnect Components, Enclosures and Custom Metalwork.

Full 'Plug and Play'​ Electrical Systems, including fully loaded Cable assembly and Custom Enclosures / 19"​ Racking.

Market and Application:
- Aerospace / Military Aircraft, Military Ground Systems, Naval Vessels, and an array of Defence Communication, Power and Weapon Control Systems.
- Rail Communication and Electrical Systems.
- Medical, Industrial, Oil & Gas and Commercial Applications and Custom Solutions.

Cable assemblies (IPC-620 certified).
- Custom RF/Coax cable assemblies
- Custom Ribbon, Ethernet, HDMI, DVI and USB assemblies
- HV/LV power cable assemblies
- LV Power and Signal cable assemblies
- Braided and 0AWG Ground/Earth straps
- Straight and Branched Complex custom cable assemblies (over 100 circuits)
- Overmolded cable assemblies
- Custom solutions (Build to print)

Interconnect components.

Specialized brands: Positronic, Glenair, Amphenol, Hypertac, Raychem/TE, LEMO, ITT Cannon, Souriau, Veam, Spacecraft, MS and VG Spec connectors/Backshells, Habia wire/cable, JST, DEUTSCH, Corsair, CINCH, Fischer, Harting, Amphenol Air LB, Amphenol PCD, NSN, Vishay, Texas Instruments/National semiconductors, Fairchild semiconductor.

Custom metal work and enclosures.
Stahl Metall Engineering can also offer complete enclosure customisation solutions.  
From CNC, Sheet Metal, Hole Cut-outs, Etching, Tapping, Milling, Drilling, Slots, Louvers, Studs, PEM’s, Stand-offs, Handles and Finishes: Painting, Powder Coat, Nylon Coat, Engraving, Silk Screening, Chromate, Anodise, Labels, Custom Colours, Chemical Treatments).
Stahl Metall is dedicated to meeting your project needs.

Our products are known for their reliability, precision and resistance to demanding and harsh environments.

Stahl Metall products are commonly used in fields requiring faultless quality, such as: Aerospace and Defence, Marine, Medical Equipment, Industrial Instrumentation, Measuring and testing devices, Broadcast, Telecommunication, Oil & Gas, and Subsea applications.

Primary design and manufacturing facilities are located in Australia, New Zealand, and distributors located worldwide.