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FIPSYSTEMS Rail Approved Cable Protection Solutions

FIPSYSTEMS - Rail Approved Cable Protection Solutions for Functional Safety

FIPSYSTEMS Cable Protection Solutions

The highest level of safety is the top priority in railway and rail technology.

In order to reliably protect sensitive cables and wires, FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes developed highquality cable protection products that are available in various material qualities for a wide range of requirements and also for retrofit installations.

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FIPSYSTEMS® Cable Protection Solutions

  • for rail and track side applications
  • reliable protection for exposed or sensitive cables and wires
  • compliant with international fire protection regulations
  • high dynamic load capacity
  • good chemical and mechanical resistance
  • excellent abrasion properties
  • high weather resistance
  • UV- resistant for up to 40 years
  • individual solutions possible
  • also for easy retrofitting
  • broad range of accessories

Areas of Application

  • cabling in vehicles
  • energy supply and data lines
  • ticket machines
  • information systems
  • video surveillance systems
  • track bed applications
  • railway barriers
  • rail sensors
  • signaling, monitoring and control systems

The Revolution in Cable Protection


Pre-mounted FIPLOCK® ONE fitting made of specially formulated polyamide 6 ensures reliable connections between FIPLOCK® corrugated conduits with fine and coarse profile of NW 07 – NW 48. The pre-installed seal in the connector body ensures reliable connection with the highest possible IP-protection categories, since FIPLOCK® ONE can be used for protection classes 66, 67, 68 and 69. Therefore ONE fitting solution covers all application requirements. FIPLOCK® ONE provides a high level of weather resistance, high dynamic load capacity, impact resistance and pull-out strength, and meets the highest fire characteristic standards. ONE FITS ALL.

ONE fitting for ALL applications

  • pre-assembled and ready-to-fit
  • save and reliable connection
  • lower storage effort
  • little handling necessary
  • cost savings

Corrugated Conduits and Accessories

FIPLOCK® Corrugated Conduits

Ensure highly reliable mechanical cable protection and flexible routing of wires and cables. The products listed here can be used in many ways and are ideally suited for rail-technical applications (rolling stock and track side applications).

FIPLOCK® corrugated conduits for other areas of application can be found in our main catalog or on our website They are available in different material qualities depending on the requirements.



Fittings made of specially formulated polyamide 6 (PA6 MOD V0 SGA) enable a reliable connection of FIPLOCK® corrugated conduits with fine and coarse profiles. The pre-installed seal in the connection body enables a secure connection with maximum connection strength and is particularly suitable for use in railway technology, even under demanding environmental conditions. Do not worry any more about the required IP tightness and protection classes – ONE FITS ALL – up to IP69.

FIPLOCK® ONE is available in different versions of the body and optionally with plastic or metal threads. Some of these are also available in different lengths and thread types, as well as in a revolving version.

All fittings meet the highest fire protection requirements according to EN45545-2 with HL3 for R22 / R23.

Textile Protection Sleeves


Comprises a broad range of textile protection sleeves. These serve for the simple bundling of strands and cables. They offer good abrasion protection, high resistance to the penetration of sharp objects and in some cases meet the highest fire protection requirements.

Self-wrapping fabric hoses are ideal for retrofit installations over already laid and connected lines.

Divisible Corrugated Conduits and Accessories


Are divisible corrugated conduits and the ideal solution for cable protection to be retrofitted. Even for retrofitting of already assembled cable harnesses with mounted plugs. Due to the overlapping of the lockable “double conduit”, inserted cables and wires are effectively protected against external influences. FIPSPLIT® conduits are available in diameters from 4 mm to 100 mm.

FIPSPLIT® Accessories

Complete our high-quality cable protection product range and are suitable for our FIPSPLIT® divisible corrugated conduits. These include mounting clips, conduit connectors, divisible fittings and divisible locknuts in different sizes.

High Temperature Corrugated Conduits


Is the product line of corrugated conduits meeting the highest temperature requirements. The high-tech materials used boast performance features that meet the highest requirements in terms of temperature as well as chemical resistance. The products are available in the usual industrial nominal widths and are an indispensable solution for specific application requirements.

Special Solutions


Is the product group for extraordinary solutions such as segmented conduit systems, corrugated conduits with an integrated thread connection, special shapes for customized installation, square, hexagonal, oval corrugated conduits, or even multi-layer corrugated conduits (co-extrusion) – to mention just a few.

EMI/EMC Fittings and Accessories


The FIPSHIELD® product line contains products for the electromagnetic shielding of sensitive cables and data lines in order to meet the requirements of industrial EMC guidelines (electromagnetic compatibility).

FIPSHIELD® accessories enable an optimal electrical transition from the braided screen to the connection housing for a high screening effect with low transfer impedance. The fittings contain the tried and tested FIPLOCK® ONE connection for the matching FIPLOCK® corrugated conduits.

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Full 'Plug and Play'​ Systems.

Specialized industries, including Aerospace and Defence, Marine, Rail, Medical Equipment, Industrial Instrumentation, Measuring and testing devices, Broadcast, Telecommunication, Oil & Gas, and Subsea applications.

Our products are known for their reliability, precision and resistance to demanding and harsh environments. Contact our Engineering Team Now!

Stahl Metall Specialised brands:-
Positronic, Glenair, Amphenol, Hypertac, Raychem/TE, LEMO, ITT Cannon, Souriau, Veam, Spacecraft, MS and VG Spec connectors/Backshells, Habia wire/cable, JST, DEUTSCH, Corsair, CINCH, Fischer, Harting, Amphenol Air LB, Amphenol PCD and NSN. Contact us for other brands and products.

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Our selection includes,
Circular Connectors and Backshells
  - D38999 Connector Series I, II and III
  - D38999 Connector Series IV
  - D38999 Backshell Series
  - MS Connector Series
  - Mil Spec Backshell Series
    - M85049, AS85049, MIL-DTL-38999, MIL-DTL-28840, MIL-DTL-83723, AS81511...etc

Micro-Miniature Connectors and Backshells
Micro-D Connectors and Backshells
D-Subs Connectors and Backshells
Medical Connectors and Backshells
Hermetic Connectors and Backshells
Explosion-proof Connectors and Backshells
Push-Pull proof Connectors and Backshells
Heatshrink and Braid Products
Wire and Cable (VG, Rail, Mil-Spec, Custom)
Ground Straps (Custom Braided and 0 AWG Ground / Battery Straps)
Earth Bonds and Tools (M6, M8 and M10: Aluminium / Steel & Stainless)
Conduit and Fittings (EMI/RFI, Flexible Metal-Core, MIL-PRF-24758A)

See our Enclosures and Cable assembly section for more products and custom solutions.

Stahl Metall products are commonly used in fields requiring faultless quality, such as: Aerospace and Defence, Marine, Medical Equipment, Industrial Instrumentation, Measuring and testing devices, Broadcast, Telecommunication, Oil & Gas, and Subsea applications.

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