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Code of Conduct Policy


The purpose of this policy is to establish the clear standard of behaviour which is expected of Stahl Metall employees. The clarification of these key expectations reinforces the company’s commitment to respect, fairness and a high social ethical standard within the workplace. It also is designed to assist
staff in understanding what acceptable and unacceptable behaviour in the workplace.

Vital for successful business practice is mutually trust, respect and integrity that we show our managers, customers, suppliers, associates and fellow employees. Stahl Metall has a clear expectation of appropriate work standards so we can foster a positive work environment where everyone’s rights are maintained, and we all act lawfully and with integrity with all dealings within the company. This will assist in fostering a collaborative and safe workplace for all employees.

Our employees
Employees of Stahl Metall will:
 Act in accordance to legislation and policies that are applicable within the company.
 Follow lawful and reasonable directives from management.
 Promote the interest of the business
 Be aware of and align with the company’s mission, vision and values
 Treat each other, clients, suppliers and contractors with respect, fairness and consideration
 Not tolerate misconduct or inappropriate behavior and will inform a higher authority within the company if they do bear witness to it
 Maintain the confidentiality of the company, not disclosing or misusing company information.
 Not be involved in any activity that may cause a conflict of interest
 Be accountable for your own actions and decisions
 Be ever mindful of the health and safety of yourself and others in the workplace
 Uphold the principles of equal opportunity, Not partake in victimization, bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination or any other anti-social behaviors
 Perform their role with professionalism, care and responsibility